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  • Video Editing — Especially remodeling and homebuilding topics
  • Front Porches — Advocating for the use and building of front porches for social good
  • Remodel Features — Before & After profiles for magazines, newspapers and online
  • Continuing Education Units — Both articles and PowerPoint presentations
  • Visions Boards — Coaching and workshops available


  • Continuing Education Units — AIA-certified online Continuing Education Units, PPT and print articles
  • Front Porch Nation, CEO/Editor, advocating for the use and building of front porches in order to foster community connections and social change


  • Continuing Education Units — Representative Topics:
  • Accessible luxury kitchens
  • Kitchen ventilation
  • Outdoor luxury kitchens
  • Universal design in kitchens
  • Kitchen design trends
  • Modern tile innovations
  • Historic window replacement
  • Performance shading fabrics
  • Concrete sealing
  • Concrete restoration
  • Polished concrete
  • Cover boards for low slope roofs
  • Cover boards for exterior applications
  • Gypsum’s role in LEED v4
  • Vapor barrier in building envelope
  • Fabric tension structures
  • Recycled denim insulation
  • Foundation flood vents
  • LED bathroom lighting
  • Surface protection during construction
  • And more
  • Article — Home Energy Magazine — Ranch Style Teaching in Montana
  • Video — DSLD Homes — Homeowner Video Series
  • Video — DSLD Homes — Trade Partner Training Series
  • VideoGoing Up Going Green — Video series on raised-floor homes
  • Video — Train2Build — On-the-Job Training: RRP Lead-Safe Practices
  • CEU — Online Educational Unit for Raised Floor Living — Options for Raised Wood Floor Foundations
  • Online Guide The Appraiser’s Guide to Green Building Update — Funded by a grant from The Appraisers Research Foundation — (2012)
  • Video — New Orleans City Park — 5 Years Later: Recovery from Hurricane Katrina
  • Video — Alexis Marceaux — One Fish Music Video
  • Video — Book Trailer — The Fear Within: Spies, Commies, and American Democracy on Trial
  • Article — Green Building Advisor — Energy Auditing Class in Montana — (2011)
  • ArticleRemodeling Magazine — Customized Remodels — (2011)
  • ArticleRemodeling Magazine — Use of Translucent Panels — (2010)
  • BlogAOL DIY Life — Featured Writer
  • Series — Just In Time Homebuilding Series — Louisiana State University AgCenter — 2008— 2009
  • Online Guide — The Appraiser’s Guide to Green Building — Funded by TARF — 2009
  • Blog — Pardon Our Dust — Los Angeles Times — 2007—2008 (800+ postings)
  • BookKitty Bartholomew’s Decorating Style — Rodale — 2005
  • Series — Pardon Our Dust — Los Angeles Times — 1997–2008 (100+ monthly features)
  • Editor — Notebook Section, Journal of Light Construction (1997-1998)
  • Series — The Way We Live — Santa Barbara News-Press — 1989–1996 (350 weekly features)
  • Series — Profiles in Faith — Santa Barbara News-Press — 1992–1994 (110 weekly features)


  • 2012 — Grant from Appraiser Research Foundation to update The Appraiser’s Guide to Green Building
  • 2008—2009 — Grant from Appraiser Research Foundation for The Appraiser’s Guide to Green Building
  • 2003 — Winner of the first annual Bivens Fellowship from the National Association of Real Estate Editors
  • 2001 — Winner, Second Place, Best Series from the National Association of Real Estate Editors


Housing writer and videograper for 20+ years, published in the Los Angeles Times, Remodeling Magazine, Upscale Remodeling, Better Homes and Gardens, Journal of Light Construction, Urban Land Journal, Multi-family Homes, Westways, Santa Barbara News-Press, Fine Homebuilding, Qualified Remodeler, Engineered Wood Journal, Appraisal Institute, Home.com and other publications.


California State University Los Angeles, broadcasting and journalism major, GPA 3.4
Student teacher, Marshall High School, Los Feliz, Video Production


Pardon Our Dust Series, Los Angeles Times

Remodeling Q&A Series, Los Angeles Times

Home-Buying Strategies Series, Los Angeles Times

Features, Los Angeles Times

Certified Continuing Education Units


  • Create the Look: Jennifer Aniston’s Platform Bed
  • Create the Look: Jessica Alba’s Entryway Mirror Shelf
  • Create the Look: Lance Armstrong’s kitchen
  • 10 ways to love your valentine during a home remodel
  • How much will that remodel add to your home’s resale value?
  • New lead paint regulations: do they go too far?
  • Do you qualify for home improvement tax credits?
  • Does it pay to remodel your home?
  • Avoid a Thanksgiving visit from the plumber
  • Wackiest things found in drains: part two
  • Carving tools: a turkey day guide
  • Mouse control, the humane way
  • Weatherstripping doors and windows: fall maintenance
  • The Vanilla Ice Project: Our revealing Q&A with the rapper-turned-remodeler
  • Protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning
  • How to unclog a toilet
  • 5 not-so-scary plumbing fixes
  • The dangers of laundry detergent overload
  • 9 causes for leaky windows
  • DIY Warrior: refurbish a concrete porch
  • DIY Warrior: how to distress wood
  • DIY Warrior: how to clean an oscillating fan
  • 3 game-changing green technologies
  • Cost vs. quality: cordless drill/drivers
  • 10 uses for leftover house paint
  • The Daily Fix: remove a broken key from a lock
  • The Daily Fix: remove oil stains from a garage floor
  • The Daily Fix: how to repair holes in aluminum siding
  • The Daily Fix: how to unclog a toilet
  • The Daily Fix: repair loose and cracked caulk
  • Price Patrol: swimming pool maintenance
  • Price Patrol: replacing a toilet
  • Price Patrol: build a patio
  • Price Patrol: installing laminate flooring
  • DIY Product Pick: the 17-year light bulb by GE
  • DIY Product Pick: Frog Tape, the fool-proof painter’s tape
  • DIY Product Pick: 2P-10, the super duper glue
  • DIY Product Pick: the drain that never clogs
  • 10 free services at The Home Depot
  • 10 free services at Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores
  • Making News: Obama outlines “Cash for Caulkers” program
  • Making News: does your home contain tainted drywall?
  • Making News: California adopts first statewide green building code
  • Making News: “Not So Big House” author teams with Marvin to design sustainable window
  • Making News: new dimmer switch eliminates flicker in CFLs
  • DIY Diary: ingredients for a successful remodel

Remodeling Ideas: Realtor.com

Discovery Company — TLC

Discovery Company — How Stuff Works

Bob Vila.com

Daily Press

The Times-Picayune

Orlando Sentinel

The Hartford Courant

Appraisal Institute: Valuation Insights and Perspectives

Remodeling Magazine

  • Ruff-ing It: Creating a Dog Nook
    — Personalized design of a mudroom creates a dedicated spot for the client’s dog.
  • All-Access Pass: Accessible Sinks
    — For clients who use a wheelchair, nothing beats a bathroom sink with legroom underneath.
  • All-Access Pass: Showers
    — Accessible showers demand special products and techniques.
  • All-Access Pass: Cents & Sensibility
    — In a tight economy, saving money on cabinets could mean the difference between a client signing a contract or not.
  • All-Access Pass: Cabinet Savers
    To find out what your clients need, encourage them to visualize how the kitchen will work in different scenarios and ask plenty of questions about how they intend to use the space.
  • All-Access Pass: Universal Design in the Bathroom; Affordable Cabinets in the Kitchen
    Bathroom design with accessibility in mind; kitchen design that gets clients the most bang for their buck in cabinets.
  • Getting Personal: Ways to Add Personal Touches to a Project
    Incorporating individualized design details tailored for the homeowner into the project without compromising the home’s resale value.
  • See-Through Style: Design With Translucent Panels
    Translucent panels provide separation of spaces while still allowing light to penetrate.
  • Selling the Mantel: Fireplace Mantel as Striking Focal Point
    More than just adding warmth and beauty to a room, a fireplace mantel can provide a little drama and focus.
  • Have a Seat: Making the Most of Small Spaces to Provide Cozy Kitchen Seating
    — The banquette: A design idea for maximizing seating in a small space.
  • Trusted Handoff
    The day that Jim Fisher met and hired Pete Valentino — the man who would ultimately buy his remodeling business — came about as a result of two factors: analysis and enterprise. The analysis was done by Fisher in the mid-1990s after he observed the manner in which most contractors retired: by…
  • Sustainable Cabinets
    — Designers and homeowners have a range of green cabinet options to choose from.
  • A payoff for green practices
    Green building principles are not just a feel-good happenstance at Allen Associates in Santa Barbara, Calif. Rather, a quantifiable number of green elements are required for each project, and green efforts beyond the minimum can raise an associate’s quarterly bonus.
  • Curved composite deck shows creativity
    Julia and Dave Bodell must have good karma. How else to explain their great luck in being asked to build one of the most remarkable decks in their careers, a $250,000 multi-toned, multilevel Trex deck and arbor at the Los Angeles Arboretum?
  • Key accountabilities set firm’s bonus schedule
    — There’s no mystery about bonuses for associates at Allen Associates in Santa Barbara, Calif., which does an annual volume of $21 million in upscale remodeling and new construction.
  • Lakeside House Remodeled Skyward
    — Scott and Jennifer Ericson remodeled their home in Lake Oswego, Ore., two years ago, but the family’s remodeling challenges originated in 1957, when their low-slung bungalow was built in the midst of a lakeside building boom.
  • Steps toward carbon neutrality
    — While politicians in Washington, D.C., debate whether or not the U.S. should try to address global warming, architects and contractors are taking steps to do just that.
  • Three to Watch
    Deep in the minds of many remodelers, one big question looms: What happens to my company when I retire?
  • Sheltered courtyard additions create quiet, safe play spaces
    When Austin, Texas, contractor Shiloh Hartman was asked to remodel an architect’s personal home, he was apprehensive. “Often there is this thing between architects and builders,” Hartman says. “It would be a challenge for me working on an architect’s house. That’s their dream. It would be even more..
  • How to transition projects successfully from design to construction
    In a sloppy or rushed handoff, details worked out by the designer and expected by the client can get lost like sand through the boards of a deck. Although a flawless handoff is key to a successful project, the foundations for it are laid long before the pre-construction meeting when the actual…
  • Taking outdoor living to the highest levels of luxury
    In the beginning, outdoor living was the only option. Early humans then took shelter in caves and huts, and with the progress of civilization retreated to cottages, condos, tract homes, and mansions. Eventually, humans ventured outdoors again, to cook on tin barbecues and nap on aluminum loungers…
  • An outdated, claustrophobic bath is transformed
    During the months that it took David Shall and Susan Corzilius to get a $65,000 remodel of their master bathroom, one moment stands out as especially gratifying. It was an August evening in their Southern California home. After five months of planning — and the day before construction began — Shall…
  • Hartman Baldwin has cultivated a loyal high-end clientele
    When builders Devon Hartman and Bill Baldwin founded their company in 1978, the young duo had one overriding goal: to do jobs that were, according to Hartman, at the “absolute top end.”
  • Customized One Week Bath
    When a salesperson from Tarzana, Calif.-based One Week Bath visits potential clients, they lay out the choices — 4 styles of cabinets, 10 finishes, several solid surfaces — as well as the parameters — no structural work, no moving of plumbing or electrical. Such a tight program helps in two ways:…
  • Upgrading a duplex in Los AngelesWhen Leanna Sun bought her tiny, rundown duplex in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles, it did seem like a miracle. As a divorced mom who was between jobs, Sun’s prospects of home-ownership had seemed bleak until she finally found the right property.
  • Looking back at company changes
    The Big50 is a remodeling business excellence award for best practices. Every May, REMODELING inducts 50 new companies who have set the standard for professionalism and integrity through smart marketing, exemplary business practices, unique design, and extraordinary impact on their community or the…
  • Knatz and Mulvey team with Devereaux, an ex-foe, for a remodeling job
    When Geraldine Knatz and John Mulvey set out to renovate their 1936 Long Beach, Calif., home — with its exquisite leaded glass windows, clipped gables, and charming shingled roof and walls — the one person Knatz knew to call for advice was a man she had just spent months battling in court.
  • Different perspectives about running a business
    Not all remodelers come to the business by way of the craft. In the examples collected here, the ability of four individuals to adapt skills and expertise from other vocations enabled them to overcome a lack of hands-on construction knowledge and build successful remodeling companies.
  • Basement library addition for the overflow of books
    Two major remodeling jobs on a modernist house in sunny California elevate practical storage spaces to works of art.

Book Reviews


APA Wood: The Engineered Wood Journal

Professional Remodeler

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